What is Raspberry Ketone

by Martin Gram on April 15, 2012


What is Raspberry Ketone and What is The Secret?

Flawless Raspberry Ketone Free TrialWhat is Raspberry Ketone The Scientifically Explanation

What is Raspberry Ketone? Raspberry Ketone is a natural compound that delivers the aroma to red raspberries and is widely used in perfumes, cosmetics and in the food industry.

The price tag on Raspberry Ketone is quite high around $20.000 for one kg of Raspberry Ketone which is the highest of any natural flavor compounds used in the food industry, this is because the extraction of Raspberry Ketone is only 1-4 mg out of one kg of raspberries.

However new technologies has been able to produce and harvest Raspberry Ketone with other methods by mixing up chemical compounds that will produce a 99% mixture of Raspberry Ketone.

This Approach means that Raspberry Ketone has become available for not only the food producing industry but also for the general consumer that wants to use Raspberry Ketone for other purposes, like for example weight loss and health.

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What is Raspberry Ketone For Those Who Want to Lose Weight

So what is Raspberry Ketone, when we are not talking about perfume manufacturing or food products?

Raspberry Ketone is capable of regulating your metabolism and your body’s fat burning abilities the same way as another natural compound named capsaicin which is to be found in chili, pepper fruits and synephrine which became the exchange ingredient for the now banned Ephedra/Ephedrine that was found in a long list of weight loss supplements years back.

How Raspberry Ketone can increase your metabolism to burn more body fat is due to a simple process that happens when you take Raspberry Ketone as a daily supplement.


What is Raspberry Ketone And Why Do They Work for Weight Loss?

The reason why Raspberry Ketone works so good for losing weight is because it is able to trigger an increased production of a hormone and protein named Adiponectin which triggers your body to act like it was thin and younger.

Thin people have a higher amount of Adiponectin than obese people and what is interesting here is that when your body’s fat cells comes in contact with Raspberry Ketone they start to release their fat fluid so they will decrease in size with the result of an significant weight loss.


What Is Raspberry Ketone in Regards to Your Metabolism?

And exactly your metabolism is the number one factor on how successful you will become with your diet, because if your metabolism is slow it is going to take you a long time to get rid of those pounds of body fat and it will be much easier for you to gain it all back again after your diet.

Using Raspberry Ketone along with your diet will give you a long list of benefits that will boost your metabolism so you will be able to burn body fat much more efficient than without the ketones.


What Is Raspberry Ketone in Regards to Your Body’s Ability to Use Fat as Metabolic Energy?

When using Raspberry Ketone as a supplement your body’s core temperature raises, not so you will catch a fever, but just about enough to make your body able to burn a little bit more body fat than staying at a normal temperature. This have shown to be very helpful for dieters that has become obese because of an excessive amount of carbohydrates, not only in form of pure sugar products but also because of a high intake of pastas, rice and other starches.

In order to become successful with their diet, they simply need to “reset” their body’s fuel consumption mixture so it again will start to burn more fat for fuel, and here Raspberry Ketone have shown to be very helpful.


What is Raspberry Ketone When It Comes to Scientifically Studies and Tests?

A study performed in Japan, scientists fed up rats with a high fat diet and gave them additional Raspberry Ketones in their diet. This prevented the fat from the diet to be accumulated into their liver and other tissue, which in a long run resulted in a weight loss and an increased ability to burn fat as energy. The metabolism in the rats was raised due to an increased level of Adiponectin found in the rats.

What is Raspberry Ketone The Benefits, Dosage and Any Side Effects?

What is Raspberry Ketone the benefits you will get? First of all a weight loss, that can happen within the fist 5 days using this supplement together with a healthy diet, you can learn more about Raspberry Ketones Benefits on the link.

What is Raspberry the right dosage? if you had to consume Raspberries in order to get the same benefits as with one 100 mg supplement, which is the recommended dosage, you would have to eat 90 pounds of pure raspberries. Learn more about Raspberry Ketone Dosage here.

What is Raspberry Ketone in regards to side effects? There are no side effects using Raspberry Ketone but however if you are having Raspberry allergies you might take a closer look at Raspberry Ketones side effects.

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